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Kansas City, MO


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Our Pizza

The very first pizzas were created by Pizzaioli on the streets of Naples, and served straight out of a wood fired oven. Sixty seconds in the oven was just enough time to make magic happen. The dough rises and bubbles, the hand-stretched mozzarella and San Marzano tomato coalesce in the smoky heat, and the fresh basil bursts with herbaceousness. Just a pile of raw ingredients a minute ago, it is now the perfect balance of flavor, texture, temperature and aroma. This simple street food has become one of humanity’s greatest culinary delights.  


Pizza passions run high, but few would argue that Neapolitan-style pizza is both the genesis and pinnacle of the pizza world. At Dispatch Pizza we have created a dough recipe that accentuates the best qualities of a true Neapolitan-style pizza, but can also stand up to the rigors of a catering service. We let our dough ferment for three days for maximum gluten development. This creates an aromatic and bubbly crust that has just the right ratio of crispy-and-chewy texture, perfect flavor, and the durability to make it to your event.  


Pizza dough may be the foundation of any great pizza, but toppings are essential. Dispatch Pizza only uses the finest ingredients for our toppings. Seasonality and hyper-locality are key to our selections. We choose the most exceptional ingredients available and curate a pizza menu for your party. Our list of available pizzas changes throughout the year as ingredients fall in and out of season. Rest assured we will bring the best flavors of the season to your event. Buon Appetito!

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